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  • About this blog

    What you see before you is a blog intended for users who wish to find out more about encrypted cloud storage, online backup, and cloud computing-related subjects in general . We would like this blog to serve as a basis for more general conclusions and discussions, and we wholeheartedly welcome your contributions in form of valuable content, namely blog comments and guest posts. This interaction is very important to us as we would like these topics to be considered as objective as possible and this is not likely to be achieved by a single writer and/or commenter.
  • About Neebo

    Neebo is a descendant of a well-known Cumulunimbus cloud family. Unlike most of his siblings, Neebo decided not to follow his parents’ footsteps in sitting lazily in the sky bringing rain and thunders. He was a cloud little too curious for that. Instead, he decided to learn more on humans and their way of life. Early in his life he discovered the Internet and learnt all the basics in computers. He focused on the IT industry down on Earth and started monitoring the latest developments in the field, especially in so-called cloud computing. This was especially important for him as it seemed as a field he can contribute a lot to. So here it is – the collection of all the knowledge Neebo gathered during the years of research. He wants to share it with you and he would like if you could help him learn more. Besides reading about the newes technological advances, Neebo enjoys reading poetry. His favorite poem is "The Cloud" bu P. B. Shelley and the rumour has it that the poet himself was inspired by Neebo's grandfather to write the poem.
  • About something else

    You are interested in something else, you say? Well ok, tell us what would you like to know more about - contact us